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FINALLY!  Who would have ever dreamed our 50th Class Reunion would be postponed three times due to a pandemic which last occurred a century ago!  Thank goodness we are a class who does not give up easily!   So, rather than risk a scant turnout – wearing masks – social distancing – all those words new to us, we chose to wait it out in order to reminisce and enjoy visiting normally – and to see each other’s slightly more wrinkled faces with maybe a touch more gray  – but we didn’t notice after the initial hellos (and confirmation of identities!) –we were right back with smiles and stories that have given us great memories of all our school days.


We gathered at FBC Family Life Center with an awesome turnout of 39 classmates, plus spouses and guests for a total of almost 80.  In decades past we invited teachers and Principal, Mr. J. O. Smith – by the way, we were definitely the class he had most vivid memories of, and the guys who like cherry bombs know who you are!


As the best-ever music of the 70’s played in background, we enjoyed great food and many door prizes,  including beautiful artwork by various classmates and gift certificates by local merchants.  Our 14 classmates who have gone on before us were acknowledged with a memorial table in their honor.  We were so happy to see and welcome home those who traveled great distances from several states, including New Mexico, Arkansas, Missouri, and Alabama.


Many thanks to all who worked so hard in locating/contacting classmates, decorating all the tables and designing the most beautiful floral arrangements in our beloved school colors of red and gray with Trojan heads peeking from beneath a few.


We have always been a close-knit class –some forever friends who still communicate every day.  Someone asked, “So, y’all have all been together the whole time?”  The answer is YES! – the majority of us started first grade and were together on the same block of buildings from Elementary, old Cafeteria with GLASS milk jars, Middle School, Junior High, and finally High School – all the way to  graduation night in the gym with NO A/C, finishing still in alphabetical order!  We had a few who came for a few years in middle school or some moved away, but even if they were not here from the beginning, once they got here, most were hooked and lifetime friendships formed.


We have a special bond as most of us born in 1952 turn 70 this year!  Now, in this   room with friends and classmates we have known for 65 years – how amazing and blessed we are to have experienced our great school that we have always been so proud of in sports and scholastic achievements!  We will always ….”roll those Tigers in the sun, hit ‘em hard!…”.and   “….We’ll shout and sing with heads held high for Dear Ole MHS!!!!”………… ..until Jesus comes again!!!


–Submitted by Pam Earles

Classmates seated first row:   Belinda Maddox Rabby, Shirley Steele Brown, Pam Earles, Debbie Day Clyde, Gale Walker Doster,  Sandy May Williams, Diane Herrington White, Judy Cockrell Verzwyvelt, Beverly Sartin Baldwin,

Patricia Jones Blair, Pat Magee May, Pam Magee Lovelace, Mary Ann Anderson Weathersby,

Sylvia McNeil


Second Row:  Janet Warren Sullivan, Judy Warren Lofton, Jane Stringer Griffith, James Griffith, Bernie Herrington, David Welch, Stan Runnels, Jolyn McNair Cooke, Steve Pruitt, Alfred Pace, Tim Everett, Paul Craft, Gene Herring, Truitt Barnard, Billy Blair, Gary Nichols and Bobby Kees


Third Row:  Vic McLendon, Mack Walker, Ed Dickey, John Layton, Keith Speed, Vic Smith, David Ware, and James May is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.



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