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10YearOldsAshleyI just had to borrow Jennifer Ashley’s post about the Magee 10 year old All Star game Tuesday night….no one can say it better than a mama!


“Ok… Hang on and strap your boots on… I’ve got a good one…. 10 YO Magee All Stars are the only UNDEFEATED team in District.

Tonight we defeated West Jasper 19-7 and were suppose to play Lawrence County( who we defeated our first game) because they beat Laurel Nationals. However, when we go to the other field to get ready LC is leaving. One of their parent’s came up to me and said,”we were suppose to play y’all but we have burned through all of our pitchers so we are coming back tomorrow to play”…my reply was that it was not our problem they burned through their pitchers. Lawrence County being the underhanded teams they are known to be did what they needed to do b/c I’m sure they found out we have 2 players leaving for select World Series tomorrow. So, because Magee is the bigger person, we took a 2nd place trophy because we are not coming back night after night when this should have been finished tonight. Therefore, when you see this team holding the 2nd Place trophy… Know they are actually 1st in District. They are UNDEFEATED!

They have played their hearts out in district and we have beat all three teams by at least 10 pt’s (10 point rule in 4th) So having said all that GO MAGEE!!!! You are the 1st place winners and undefeated… WE ARE READY FOR STATE and they will continue to play their hearts out! This is another reason why teams are beginning to pull out of Dixie Youth!”


Pictured is Jennifer and Joey Ashley’s son


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