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Here we go again….yea!!!!…Magee is hosting the Sweetees and Darlings State Tournament!!!  Ya’ll this is huge for our city.  Can you imagine how many people follow these little 7 year olds??? You’ve got mamas, daddies, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, and just friends!!!  Magee will be full of people and as always, we roll out the hospitality to our visiting guest!

(The Sweetees  are 5 & 6 year olds, and the Darlings are 7 & 8 year olds.   There are 13 teams of Darlings and 9 teams of Sweetees!   …that is 22 teams) You can see why we need help!


Help is needed!  Volunteers are needed to work the gates…the concession stands…all that stuff!

Each State Tournament Magee host a hospitality room for visiting coaches and their wives plus state and local officials.  We need food….that’s right…we need YOU to cook, bake, buy…anything, just help us get that Hospitality Room stocked.

The Sportsplex will be open Friday to receive donated items or you can take your stuff by to Kristen Zilla at Trustmark before 5:30 on Friday.

Food is need for 3 days…so if you can’t make it Friday…head for Saturday or Sunday…if you are like me and don’t cook much anymore…take Kristen some money and she’ll order up something!

Contact any of these ladies for additional info:  Kristen @ 601-382-4952 or Keilah Berry @ 601-382-1299 or Carrie Decker @ 601-382-0981


Thanks to everyone for all you do in support of our children and city!  See you at the “plex”


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