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“I was shocked to find out from the Mayor that the City of Magee does not have enough employees to handle two projects at the same time.  I have not seen any help wanted advertisements anywhere.  The grass on Highway 49 through town is overgrown creating a danger to motorists.  Other towns on Highway 49 like Collins and Wiggins keep their right-of-way neatly manicured.  Maybe if the City didn’t spend so much money going to the Beau Rivage, they would have the funds to hire people to do these jobs.  Also, have you noticed that it is all but impossible to turn right onto Highway 49 frontage roads from the South Main entrance and the 11th Avenue entrance to access 49 at other multiple locations.  People wanting to turn right on the frontage road have to wait in a long line because people are backed-up trying to get on Highway 49.  Why can’t they build a right hand turn lane?”




Chris Lane


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  1. Could chris be referring to the mississippi municipal league(MML) convention headquartered at beau rivage, that virtually every city in mississippi attends. The one where cities learn from recognized experts better methods to operate their cities and serve their citizens. The same MML that elected our mayor, jimmy clyde, PRESIDENT, of the entire statewide association!!! The same convention where our city, magee, was awarded a $25,000 grant from blue cross because of all the good things the city of magee does. Surely not-must be something else.

    When did grass cutting become urgent? I always thought broken water lines, stopped up sewers, tress falling on your house, broken traffic signals, car wrecks, etc. was urgent. The city needs to hire more people to cut the urgently tall grass then chris can complain about how many people are on the city payroll and how high his taxes are.

    I guess chris needs to talk to trustmark about moving their building for the turning lane.


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