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Local Magee citizen James Reece appeared before the Board of Aldermen and Mayor Tuesday, April 5, 2022 concerning questions about the “No Trucks” signs in the city limits of Magee.

Mr. Reece reported that the former City Attorney Bruce Smith said no trucks means no trucks.

Reece informed the Board that two 18 wheelers are continuing to park in his neighborhood.  Both trucks (cabs) are not parked on the street nor loaded but are parked on private property.

Alderman Sue Honea  asked “wasn’t it legal to park on someone’s property but not on street.” Mr. Reece continued to say the signs say “No Trucks.”

Present City Attorney Marc McMillian will research the ordinance and report what if any specifications are listed on the ordinance.

James also pointed out the speeding on Raleigh Road.  The signs are posted for 35 MPH. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


  1. I think truckers should not bring a single item to Magee and let them figure out for themselves how to get gas, food, clothes, medicine, tires, lumber, appliances, necessities, or any supplies to the businesses.

  2. I understand the rule, but what is someone who owns a truck and has room to park on their property do? If they’re out of the way, it shouldn’t be a matter of against the law. I know it says “No Trucks” but are drivers expected to park at Walmart or Love’s and have a family member come pick them up and take them home?


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