Sanatorium, Ms

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Upon learning of the burning of the historical Scaife Hotel at the Sanatorium, my heart was saddened.  I hate to see these historical building burn.  History is burning before my eyes.

Sanatorium, MS

The hotel was built around 1921 or 22.  Can you imagine, the hotel was located on the main highway from the coast to the capital!  Highway 49 went right in front of the hotel.

The Scaife family owned and managed the hotel for years.  Actually, Chuck Akers grew up and lived at the Scaife.  Family members of patients at the Sanatorium T B hospital stayed at the hotel.  Several people lived for months at the hotel.

Later I don’t know if the hotel officially became The San Hotel, but that is what many of us called it.

Sanatorium, MS

As with anything, many changes to the hotel through the years.  The hotel has served as a half way house for inmates transitioning back into society.

Magee and Mendenhall Fire Departments worked tirelessly to contain the fire.  Out two departments work so well together.

Philip Magee told me he felt like this was the largest fire they have ever fought.

Sanatorium, MS

When I was there this morning, brick walls were tumbling.  The heart pine wood just kept burning and burning.

My understanding is the fire started from a dryer that overheated causing flames to race up the walls….then it was all over.

And just like that…history was gone.



More about the Sanatorium is an online news website covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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