Sanatorium Hotel

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The historical Scaife Hotel burned to the ground Monday night and on into Tuesday morning.

The fire begun around 10:30 PM. The Magee Fire Department was on scene through out the night with two additional call backs. The ladder truck allowed the firemen to get into the inside of the fire and fight from the top.

Mendenhall Fire Department assisted in fighting the fire.

Police Officer Ben Stephens assisted in removing residents from the building which is now  New Way Mississippi. One of the fireman mentioned that this was the largest fire they had seen and fought in thirty years.

Not confirmed, but it appears the fire started in the kitchen and then quickly moved to the laundry room.  The residents attempted to put out the fire with fire extinguishers but soon realized the situation was extremely serious.

The hotel was built in 1921 or 1922 and was located on the main highway from the coast to the capital. (Highway 49).  Families who had patients at the Sanatorium often stayed at the hotel.

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