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At approximately 12:45, the US Navy Special Boat and gun boat team passed through Magee on Highway 49.  Thanks to Clay McPherson, I had a “heads Up” on the famous boat coming through Magee,

Although the boat might not have looked like much from the side of the highway, the boat is quite impressive.  The craven was traveling from the John S. Stennis Space Center where the boat is housed to Jackson


Special Boat Team-22 was established Oct. 2002 as a result of NSW-21 force restructure changes. The Team is located at the John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. SBT-22 is comprised of SOCR, CAC and PBL combatant craft and deploys its SBDs regularly to Central America and South America and the Middle East. Because SBT-22 is now the only NSW Riverine unit it can be deployed to any riverine environment in the world.

Special Boat Team 22 began its history as Coastal River Divison-22 in 1972 in New Orleans La. In 1979 it became Special Boat Unit – 22. The Team’s long history in Riverine warfare is distinguished in Counter-Narcotic Operations in Central and South America. SBT-22 was a frontline unit in IRAQI FREEDOM 2003 and continues to serve as a frontline unit in the Global War on Terrorism.

Special thanks to Sheriff Victor Mason, SheriffGregory Reynolds , Collins PD Chief, Florence PD Chief, Richland PD Chief, Magee PD Chief, MHP and all of the Troopers, Hinds County Sheriff Department and all of the Law Enforcement Officers in all of the cites traveled through going to Jackson, that helped Simpson County Sheriff Office today escort the US Navy Special Boat 22 gun boat team. 



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