Ace Evans

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Continued prayers are needed for Ace Evans, son of Adam and Lacey Evans who was diagnosed with juvenile melanoma

Below is an update from Ace’s mother Lacey:
This is what we got Thursday in Memphis. They are having his pathology slides sent over to the dermopathologist at St. Jude to verify the margins of diagnosis to use that info to know how much to remove to start with. We met with the medical surgeon and also the plastic surgeon Thursday to get the full plan. They are going to remove everything from his cheek and also remove the spot on his neck. They found a spot in his head while we were there and they will remove that one as well while he is in surgery. The plan is to cut out what they think the margins are and have a pathologist check it while in surgery to make sure there are no malanocitic tumor cells in the good tissue margin they are removing. If the dermopathologist at St. Jude thinks it’s necessary, they will inject his neck and remove the fastest draining lymph node to check metastization. Praise the Lord, the plastic surgeon said the scaring will be VERY minimal when they are done with his face. His surgery is scheduled for Nov 2nd, but we will have to go up on the 1st and stay there for his pre-op. If all goes as planned, he can come home very quickly which is even better news. St. Jude will test everything they cut out to make sure they got it all. There is a possibility that he could have to have a second surgery, but they are shooting to get it all the first time! God is GOOD!

Ok, prayer warriors…keep on keeping on!

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