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I’ve always believed innocent until proven guilty. I stand by that conviction.

When I learned the news of Tommy Joe Harvey’s arrest, I was shocked and saddened. I’ve known Tommy Joe along time, like many of you. My dealings with Tommy Joe have always been above board and honest.

I know the charges are made. I know the trial will come. But, as for me, you, Tommy Joe, will always be my man.

When I began, I never thought I would be reporting “hard” news. As MageeNews evolved, I soon realized the need for timely online news about our city, county, and state.

This column today is my opinion. I’m sure many agree and many disagree…but this is what Sue the Prez has to say.



  1. Tommy Joe is a long time family friend. He is a good man & I have the utmost respect for him. He is kind, caring & genuinely sincere in helping others.
    I, personally don’t believe Tommy Joe would do anything to intentionally harm anyone.
    Tommy Joe, I believe in you & I’m praying for you & your family. I know the REAL truth will come out & you will be found innocent.
    I’m proud to call you friend & I support you all the way!!

  2. Tommy Jo Harvey, this is BJ Ray and Linda May Puckett was My Mama and I feel like I can Speak on My Mama’s Deceaced Body. We Both Love You and Your Family. Yall have always been very Honest and a Christain with Us. Nothing You can do or Don’t do can change how We Feel about You and Yours. To Me and My Late Mama that’s laid to Rest think very Highly of Yall. I Pray You and Your Family gets to read this comment. What You are being Charged with in Our Eyes Your are Innocent and in Our Eyes You and Yours can do No Wrong.. You will always have Our Backs as Well as We know You will always have Our Backs.. Some People say Blood is thicker than water, Not Always cause You and Yours are not Blood but We Feel that You and Yours are and Always will. Tommy Jo and Family We are Praying for U and Yall and We Love Yall No matter the situation.. Out there is the Truth and soon Everyone will know the Truth and know that You are an Innocent Christain Family Man. Thanks for All of You and Your Family’s Love and Dedication. With the Utt Most Respect and Love and Lot’s of Prayers toward You and Yours. We Love You Tommy Jo and Family. Love the Late Linda May Puckett and BJ Ray.. Amazing Folks Yall are and Always will be in Our Eye’s. May God Bless You and Yours from Us and Ours.


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