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Governor Tate Reeves posted the following on FaceBook on January 16, 2021.
I am so proud of the work that has been done by so many people over the last two weeks to help protect the most vulnerable in our state. We had men and women in uniform (Mississippi National Guard members) standing in the snow directing traffic earlier this week at our state run sites. Many of our healthcare heroes have been working overtime to help protect the people in their hometowns. And most of our long-term care facilities have either received their first doses or have appointments scheduled to get it in the next two weeks.
On January 3, it was reported that Mississippi was ranked 50th in the nation in vaccine distribution. After three weeks of having vaccine in the state, MS had only vaccinated 20,500.
Yesterday, we inoculated our 100,000th Mississippian. In fact, in the last 11 days we have pushed that number to a total of 109,354 shots in arms. We have surpassed approximately 10 other states in per capita vaccinations in those 11 days. We are set to overtake North Carolina and Virginia – and several other states – as soon as this weekend.
I’m a numbers guy and I’m proud we are moving up the charts in total vaccinations. I’m pleased that many of our healthcare heroes will be getting their 2nd doses in the coming days (if not already)!
But the numbers that matter most to me:
35,890 Mississippians over the age of 75 have gotten their first shot.
An additional 11,354 Mississippians over the age of 65.
Yes, we expedited the plan to get inoculations to these two categories!
Why? Because 80% of our fatalities have come from that age group.
So 47,244 Mississippians in our most vulnerable populations are better protected today than they were on January 3.
We also have an additional 30,000 appointments that are already filled for the week of 1/18 at our state run sites. Our partners in clinics, hospitals and FQHCs will get an additional 6,000+ first doses this week. In addition, there are currently 144 hospitals and private clinics that have approximately 50,000 doses that can be put in arms in the coming week.
As of the data I received from MSDH on Friday morning, the hospitals/clinics had received 116,330 doses and done 61,926 inoculations. 26,275 of those are booster doses so they should have 1st dose capacity of approximately 25-30,000 in the coming week (depending on how many they do over this weekend.)
We are currently reporting 50,342 completed this week (this will go up as we have sites open in the Delta today) for an average over 10,000 inoculations per day this week. We should increase that number in the upcoming week.
And we will soon have more first dose appointments For scheduling the weeks of 1/25, 2/1, and 2/8 for those over the age of 65.
It hasn’t gone perfectly and I know that. But I’m incredibly proud of my fellow Mississippians that are getting the job done and I hope you are too.
God Bless, Mississippi!
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