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The Deep State. The administrative state. The federal bureaucracy: Call it what you will, there is no denying that America today has a sprawling system of government that was never envisaged by the Founders.

Nowhere in the Constitution does is say that there should be an Environmental Protection Agency, nor a Department of Education, nor an FAA, ATF, HUD, NRC – nor any of the rest of that alphabet soup of bureaucracy.

The great news is that on Thursday, the Supreme Court finally did something about it. Ruling in West Virginia Vs the Environmental Protection Agency, the Court decided that the EPA simply did not have a mandate in law to be imposing policy decisions regarding energy production on states.

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For decades, sloppy Congress has passed poorly drafted legislation granting vague powers to federal agencies. These agencies have then issued streams of regulation, which courts have interpreted as having the force of law.

But how do you vote out the OSHA or the FDA? Or all the other unaccountable acronyms drowning out American democracy?

The growth of federal agencies, and their ability to determine public policy with little reference to the public, has left America at the mercy of activist bureaucrats. 

Thursday’s ruling call a halt to this. The Supreme Court may have even established a precedent to reverse the expansive bureaucracy that has grown up since the New Deal.

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“But what about the climate!” some will say. “Following this ruling, how will we be able to impose climate reduction targets on every American state?”

It’s true that following Thursday’s ruling, activist bureaucrats in DC will no longer be able to impose on conservative states the energy policy stupidity that progressive states enjoy.

If anyone really believes that we should emulate Europe or California and attempt to defy the laws of physics by generating all of our energy needs from non-nuclear renewables, they are free to run for office on that agenda. Best of luck.

Perhaps the net zero lobby deep down realizes that their case is not quite so strong after all?

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