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My long time friend, Royce Foster, died Saturday night.  I guess I’ve known Royce all my life.  He graduated a year ahead of me.  We attended church and church camps together…even sang in the youth choir. Experiencing my friends dying isn’t easy…as many of you can attest.

Royce and his grand sons.

Coach Foster had a following!  His players and students loved Royce.  He loved his players and students!  He constantly worked with former students encouraging them when maybe someone else didn’t.  He was an educator for 34 years.

One of Royce’s former players, Melvin Smith, contacted me Tuesday expressing the appreciation he had for Royce.  “We were in a difficult time in our lives with integration —-Coach Foster made the way much easier and instilled in us the importance of all students …no matter the color,” said Smith.

Royce was the quarterback at Magee and kicker.  On November 12, 1966, Royce led the Trojans to a 14-0 game over the Mendenhall Tigers and runner-up Little Dixie Champs.

Royce and his sister JoAnn. Royce also had another sister, Joy Harris.

One of the many things I remember about Royce is he always had names for people!  He didn’t call any of his guy friends by their real name!  I think he did the same to his players.

Royce knew football!  You know how some people just know and understand the game…Royce did.

Arrangements for Royce:  Visitation 5-8 at Tutor Wednesday night-Funeral at First Baptist Church Thursday @ 10.  Royce was a life time member of First Baptist.

I guess I will always remember Royce standing on Trojan field leading his team to another victory.

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