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I am blessed to sit each Sunday with a precious family, the McWilliams.  Alicia is the mama and there are four children: Conner, Chase, Karlee, and Kaylee

They have set near me for many years.  During this time, their precious father/husband Steven died…leaving 4 children and a wife.  I had no idea each Sunday when I saw Steven at church that he was so sick.  I just thought maybe he didn’t like getting up to sing!  His death was a shock to me…but I knew what a sadness it was to his precious family and friends.

Following Steven’s death, the McWilliams took me onto their “pew” at church.  Soon, we grew to two pews as the children grew up.

I always sit by Kaylee, the baby, and wrap my arms around her.  Probably, everyone who sees us huddled together thinks Sue is loving on Kaylee…but in truth …the love comes to me from this family.

When Breck’s family pulled away from my house Saturday, Breck stuck his head out the window and said, “Harleigh is crying because Sue Sue is left all alone in her house…she doesn’t have anyone.”  In truth, Harleigh, I am a blessed woman.  She’s right, no one lives with me…but my home is always open to friends and family…and people like the McWilliams take me into their lives.

When I sat down in church Sunday and Kaylee climbed over everyone to get next to me, I felt such a peace…such a love…such a joy.  To be loved is a blessing…to love others is a blessing.

I am one who believes that you can learn so much about a person’s true character in how they treat their children.  Alicia McWilliams is a woman of love and strength.  She loves on her “babies” all during church.  The children love on one another and on their mother.  These children are not trying to get away from their mother…and she is not trying to get away from her children.  She holds them close and dear to her heart.

Super Mom! Alicia!!!

Put your arm around someone…let the love flow to the masses who need strength.  That arm you extend may bring back to you the love you are needing and the strength you are seeking to keep on pushing forward.

The twins Conner and Chase


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