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The Keep Magee Beautiful Committee started the year with a bang…or should I say weed eater, mower, shovels, rakes, plants, and muscle.  The team met Saturday morning, April 17, 2021, at the Ural Everett Park and divided into groups to focus on different areas in the city.

Now, one reason the committee is pushing so hard this week is because the “big dogs” from Keep Mississippi and Keep the Nation beautiful are arriving Wednesday at 9:00 to check and see if the committee is following the rules of the grant!  (I think I got that right)…anyway, we need our city spic and span from the highway 49 corridor through Main Street and especially the Ural Everett Park.  I must say, several home owners off the highway have gone beyond the call of duty in making sure their homes or business look clean and neat.

Dot Nichols who is the boss lady for the project was quick to give orders and dig in the dirt herself to secure the success of the project. 

Dot Nichols and newly elected Ward 1 Alderman Mark Grubbs spent hours working in the park as well as along the road way. Work was also done at the City Park

Lee Maddox is the committee chairman.  Members of the committee are:  Amanda Blakeney, Christian Carrico, Patrice Boykin, Dot Nichols, Eric Adkins, Heather Hankins, Ilene Floyd, Keith Berry, Lacye Evans, Lane Steele, Lee Maddox, Shelia Dilmore, Tiffany Kinslow, and Whitney Baker.  The group is begging for more volunteers to complete the future projects.

Here are pictures from Saturday’s activities:

Mark Grubbs, Chris Lane, Connor Cone, and Christian Carrico
Alderman Ward 2 Matthew Hickman and committee member Tiffany Kinslow
Heather Hankins and Tiffany Kinslow worked on the new bed in front of the car wash
Alderman Ward 1 Whitney Baker and Tiffany Kinslow worked on one of the planters in the Ural Everett Park
Sue Honea, Whitney Baker, and Tiffany Kinslow working on the first flower bed in the park visible from Main Street
Laura James Baker and Lee Maddox work on pine straw
Part of the work day crew: Bill, Heather Hankins, Sue Honea, Lee Maddox, Christian Carrico, Whitney Baker, Dot Nichols, Mark Grubbs, Connor Cone, Chris Lane, and Eric Adkins
Laura James Baker proved no age was to young to work to Keep Magee Beautiful!
SCA student Connor Cone received 4 community service hours for working on the Keep Magee Beautiful Project.
Christian Carrico, Lee Maddox, and Tiffany Kinslow prepared the 5 way stop beds. Alderman Ward 3 Lane Steele completed the project later in the day with the addition of beautiful bedding plants.
Pulling and tugging…these two ladies, Whitney and Tiffany were determined the “main” bed would be spectacular!

I will continue to add pictures to this post.

Ya’ll, Christian Carrico picked up enough trash to fill multiple bags!  Eric Adkinson worked in all areas of the project.  Dot Nichols who was determined she was going to mow down the side of the corridor, tore up her lawn mower and had to put it in the shop!  Chris Lane brought in load after load of plants, pine straw and labor!  I don’t think I didn’t see a weed eater in Mark Grubbs hands all day!  Student Connor Cone was well introduced into community service. Whitney, Tiffany, Heather, and Lee were everywhere.  Mayor Berry and Keilah brought plants.  Several committee members had prior commitments and could not work Saturday but have been putting in time all during the week.  I know I will have left someone out…if I did…I’ll just add!

The park is looking great!  What was so awesome, Saturday night was Magee’s prom!  The Ural Everett park was crowded with students making prom pictures!

When Dot gives me the list, I will post the business and individuals who donated to the project.

Thanks to Heather and Billy Wayne Hankins and Rusty and Beverly Slover for the donation of this corner bed. The bed cost approximately $300. They spit the cost and for $150 made a huge difference in our city. If you would like to donate or sponsor a corner or area in the city, please contact Lee Maddox at 601-382-1945. A plaque recognizing the donors will be place in the completed area.


I can’t wait for ya’ll to see what the Stephens/Grubbs family has donated to the Ural Everett Park—fabulous to the highes torder as Suzanne would say!

I want to feature individuals  and homes in our city which are making a difference and are not on any committee!!! They just care!

11th Avenue resident, Miss Linda, took upon herself to begin cleaning her area. After seeing what others were doing in the city, Linda was inspired to start Sunday afternoon picking up trash in her neighborhood. Accept the challenge to do your part to keep Magee beautiful.
Brent Walker has been keeping his neighborhood mowed for years. Accept the challenge!
Another family in Magee making a difference in their city! The Williams family were picking up trash and mowing the yard at their lovely 2nd Avenue home. Accept the challenge and clean up your home or business! is an online news service serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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