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A 34-year-old lawsuit against the Simpson County Schools systems has finally been settled.


Superintendent of Education Greg Paes released the following information Tuesday afternoon:


The motion of Simpson County School District for Unitary Status was granted September 30, 2016 by Judge William H. Barbour, Jr.


The lawsuit, which called for some needed changes, has gone on far too long….the amount of money spent by our county to “fight” and “comply” with this lawsuit is huge.  I do not know the actual amount, but hope I can find out…then there is one side of me that doesn’t even want to know…because I will only “see” what could have been done with this money.


Thank you to our superintendents who worked through these 34 years to comply with the suit.


Attorney John Hooks (originally from Mendenhall now of Jackson) argued the final points of the suit for the Simpson County School system.   Congratulations to John…a job well done.


This link

Gives information concerning the suit.


I really wondered if I would ever see this suit settled…and I did….


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