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Local government officials met Monday, April 9th, at 7:30 AM at Zips’ Restaurant to hear a legislative reports from Representative Noah Sanford and Senator Chris Caughman. The event was hosted by the Simpson County Development Foundation. Those in attendance were representatives of the Board of Supervisors, Election Commission , Alderman from Magee and Mendenhall, mayors of Magee and Mendenhall, SCDF members, and media.


Following prayer by Rhuel Dickerson, Senator Chris Caughman spoke about the legislative session. He explained 3 of the areas he had hoped to see change: Education Funding, Medicaid, and Road and Bridges. Only the Medicaid bill passed. Bills dealing with education and infrastructure failed. Caughman expressed his frustration in getting bills passed. “Politics is still involved in the legislature,” stated Caughman. The possibility of a Special Session was mentioned. The lottery may be apart of the Special Session. The majority of the people in attendance agreed with a lottery.

Representative Noah Sanford explained that the Abortion Bill that was passed through the direction of Andy Gipson is held up in federal court and probably will be for years. The legislature is unsure at this time where the tax collected from will be designated. “A regular revenue stream for money is needed,” stated Noah. This stream is either a gas or property tax.

Mississippi will receive $1 billion dollars from the B.P. Oil spill. The majority of the money will be spent in the coastal area. There is a possibility that a portion of the money will be allotted to other areas of the state.

SCDF Executive Director Donnie Caughman stated that the foundation continues to pursue industry for the county.

Pictured:  top-Whitney Baker, Randy Moore & Danny Craft

Middle- James Smith, Chris Purdum, ?

Bottom- Eric Bowen, Rhuel Dickerson, & Donnie Caughman

Main- Danny Craft, Brian Kennedy, & Donnie Caughman


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