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“What is the best way to bake a turkey” is a question asked days before the holiday season begins.

Do I fry a turkey” Is it better to bake a turkey? What is the best temperature? How long does the turkey need to cook? Do you add water in the roasting pan to keep it moist?

These are just a few of the questions when preparing a turkey. While everyone will have different ideas, some are great and some do not work well for others.

These are a few recommendations cooks have shared.

The CDC recommends not washing your turkey before cooking it. Washing the turkey can cause the raw juices from the bird to contaminate your countertops, utensils and other foods, and that can make you sick.

Adding water to a roasting pan will help to keep the bird from drying out.

For baking a turkey a temperature of 325 degrees will help the turkey to cook evenly.

13 minutes per pound is suggested for cooking a turkey.

If frying a turkey, it is suggested 3 minutes per pound. Make sure to lower the turkey in the hot grease slowly.

If one choses to fry or bake a turkey is a personal choice. Neither selection will be wrong.

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