Day 4, Clue 5: We do more than cut ribbons.  Day 4, Clue 4: Are you a member? Day 4, Clue 3: Our scissors don't cut hair.  Clue 2 for Day 4: We love local....Clue 1 for Day 4 :  On any day we're crazy!...To enter the Grand prize giveaway ($250) you will need to have a selfie on your phone from each of the 4 places in this weeks contest...follow Friday's clues to find the money!  First clue goes out 7:00 AM Friday...lots of prizes!

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Allyson Hodges gets her $50  -   7/24/2014 9:31:00 AM
Allyson Hodges gets $$$$$$$$$Allyson Hodges, winner of day 2 GEOCASH giveaway, receives her $50 from Miss Sue.  Allyson has participated everyday in the cash giveaway.The GEOCASH grand prize of $250 will be awarded Friday to the first person who follows the cues and f...

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Revival at James Chapel Church

Lamplight Theater Play

Lamplight Theater Play Evie Mae- the Cruise

7/24/2014 - Bonnie H Angler
posted under - Obituaries

7/24/2014 - Simpson Co. Technical Center Instructors Tour LC Industries
posted under - Campus News

7/24/2014 - God Is Always Right By Our Side
posted under - Ducks on the Pond

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