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I don’t think I have ever known anyone who pushed as much into their life as Shirley Thames!  That precious lady kept working almost to the end!

Shirley and her family have been my friends for years.  “Way back when,” Shirley and her sister Joy had a beauty shop up the street from Poppy Petal.  Those ladies took care of half of Magee.  As her son Tim said,” she could get that hair high…and I mean high…and then cover with a can of spray net…You couldn’t knock that hair down with a brick!”

Shirley could cook!  Her nephew Lannie Bob Stewart, who is deceased, worked with me at the post office.  He would tell all of us about how she fried chicken early in the morning before they would strike out on a hunt.

She would feed about 14 guys a full meal before they hit the woods.

Shirley loved her family.  Halbert, her husband, was the love of her life.  She took care of Halbert to the end.  Being the strong woman she was, she picked up and continued her life full force.

Her children, Robin and Tim, have always lived close to their mama.  Robin and Tim took care of their mama!  She loved those two!

Her grandchildren and great grandchildren were dear to her heart.  When her grandson Tod Bishop died, a part of her died with him.  She loved Tod and his children.  But again, she pushed forward.

Shirley loved to work!  After “doing hair” for years, she retired and began work at Walmart where she stayed until a few months before her death.  She loved the people she worked with.  She loved the customers.  She just loved people.

Shirley loved the Lord.  As a member of Coats Baptist Church, Shirley supported her home church.

Shirley loved Christmas.  She would decorate the hill where her home was located.  People from far and near came to see the lights.  Tim told me, “it took 6 people working solid one day to put up the lights…and 6 people working solid one day to take down the lights.”

I saw Shirley about a month ago getting out of her car to began work at Walmart.  “Shirley, when are you going to retire,” I said.  “Never” she replied.  

Shirley wanted to keep pushing filling her life with family, friends, and laughter.  I am so glad she was my friend.  I loved that lady!  She was truly a jewel.  

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