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OHprofile2015Sue WOW!!! What a night.  The Zoning board met Tuesday night at 5:30 to discuss the issues.  Approximately 60 people were in attendance.  The main reason so many people were there was to discuss the rezoning of property owned by Chris Lane on 11th avenue.  Chris wanted the property rezoned to allow for the building of upscale apartments…the property is zoned for single family dwellings .  After much discussion that didn’t even address the zoning change, finally a vote was taken and the board voted not to rezone the property. lived streamed the meeting.  The meeting will be on the site under City News for viewing on Wednesday……don’t miss the video…quite interesting.


Just saying….lots of conflict!


  1. what I found very interesting was Robert v. May land is valued at $16,000 per acre according to tax records but my land that basically joins his is not worth $10,000 per acre with an appraisal that says it is. anyway glad everyone showed up.


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