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I found a very unusual note on my front door informing me “I had been egged!” “We have hidden one Easter egg somewhere in your front yard with a very important message on it! Now it’s you’re job to find it. Ready.Set.Go”

I’m all about some games…so here I go looking in my yard…well, at first all I found was weeds…which I started pulling up…then I thought…they are not going to make it hard for me to find this egg..and sure enough there it was…in one of the front flower pots.

Upon opening the egg this is what I found…another note!
“Join us for Easter Services at Goodwater Baptist Church. Date and time are March 25th at 7 PM for our cross raising service and Sunday, March 27th for our Easter service beginning at 8 AM with a potluck brunch to follow. We hope to see you there! Love the GBC Youth”

Is that not awesome! I was thrilled I was chosen as a hiding place…but even if you didn’t get an egg you are invited! The Goodwater Baptist Youth went to a lot of trouble to spread the word.

If you do not have special plans for Friday night or Sunday morning…now you do…these young people are just waiting to see what the eggs bring!
Happy Easter!


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