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By James Davis
The Scriptural passage for today is found in Proverbs 25:11: “A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” Words, carefully chosen, are a balm to a troubled soul. They have the power to build up or tear down. We all know people who have suffered verbal abuse and its devastating results. We are admonished to be people who encourage others; therefore, let us choose to use words of comfort and solace, rather than those which hurt and crush another’s spirit. Amen! (This was a favorite BIBLE verse of Mrs. Flora Kennedy, my first Sunday School teacher. Mrs. Flora lived and practiced the verse all the days of her life.)
Now, let’s plan to use words of encouragement today as we go about sharing love, joy, and kindness with others. We just might make a difference in someone’s life. Dare to be a Daniel. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi


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