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Libby Hegwood Shivers’ mother, Martha died Sunday. She was buried Tuesday.  During the visitation-funeral, someone broke into the Hegwood home and stole items of sentimental value.

As you can imagine, Libby is devastated.  If dealing with the death of your mother isn’t enough, now Libby faces  more sadness and fear.

Things are not most important in our lives.  But, we all know sometimes the attachment of a time loved item can bring us peace.

Please bring Libby peace by returning the stolen items.  I know asking a crook to do the right thing is probably a waste of time, but maybe the person will grow a heart.

The items can be left at City Hall.  The items can be left on my front porch.  The items can be left anywhere..,just bring peace back to Libby.

The crime is under investigation.  If you have any knowledge of the break in, please contact the Simpson County Sheriff office or the Magee PD. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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