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Sweet precious Janet Peden died this weekend.  When I think of Janet, I think of love.  She loved the Lord. She loved the Methodist Church.  She loved her family.  She loved Magee General Hospital.  Janet loved Magee.

 She met life with a smile.

Janet was a “keeper”—of stuff!  I don’t mean a hoarder —just a keeper of news paper articles, pictures, anything to do with her family and city.

She and James were inseparable until death.  I feel Janet missed James so much her strength just wouldn’t come back following her illness.

Sue Honea, James & Janet Peden
Nothing stopped James and Janet from voting.

One day, Janet appeared at my door bearing old old newspaper articles about my daddy, my family, and the city.

Janet thought of others.  She was active with Boy Scouts, the American Red Cross, and all things related to the school.

Magee has lost a treasure.  She always wanted the best for our city. Life was not about Janet…it was about others.

Janet had a giving spirit. I really don’t think I can remember a time when I saw her mad.

Janet lived her life in Magee through the people she so dearly loved.

James and Janet…grandchildren and great grand children!

Janet knew heartache.  Her mother died in a car accident.  Her son died and her grandson.  She was a strong person who refused to give into life’s hurts.  She showed her love even through sadness.

James and Janet, one almost says their names as one word. 

What a blessing to be known for love. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


  1. My mom and dad took Janet’s class on their senior trip to New York City. Daddy took charge of Janet for the trip and called her Sweet Pea for the trip and from then on! You got it right when you said she was special! Prayers for the family.

  2. We belong to him and to him we return. May God welcome her and give her rest and ease the heart of James🙏 Amen. Such a sweet woman.


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