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Good  HouseNumbers

Did you know there is a city ordinance in Magee requiring every house and business to have the street number located on the structure and visible from the street?

The number system is not something to cause stress in your life…but to improve your life. Without these valuable numbers, the ability for emergency personal to locate your home or business is hindered.

According to Mayor Jimmy Clyde, “without numbers our city crew often cannot locate a home or building that has a broken water line…maybe a sewer line problem…we just can’t find these structures without a numbering system.”

The AMR crew explained that many of their employees are not from the Magee area. If a house does not have a visible number, finding a home can become quite difficult.

Fire Marshal Charlie Valadie says,” when a fire is called in…we need specific instructions as to the location and a building with a number that is visible…time is a huge factor in dealing with a fire…and without a number…time may make the difference in saving that structure.

Bill and Ginger Caughman’s beautiful home located on 2nd Avenue has their number “front and center.” “We want the ambulance, firemen, or police to find our house,” explained Bill.

Pictured: Police Chief Randy Crawford, Mayor Jimmy Clyde, Paramedic Haley Owens, Fire Marshal Charlie Valadie, Emergency Management Joe Worrell, EMT Austin Smith, City Crew Chief Nevis Rankin, and homeowners Ginger and Bill Caughman

Ok, “where’s your number—-on the house, I hope!BuildingWithNumberGoodHousePic


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