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Yes, Mendenhall Junior High School has water…there was a period of time when the water situation was tough…but through different sources…the school was able to continue with limited supplies.


The City of Mendenhall has been working on the 2” broken water line…and everything is almost a go.


The coaches helped  all students have water during any breaks and there were designated areas for the restrooms.


True, everything is not working…but enough is and was working to continue with the school day.


Principal Kirby Crat put a plan in motion…and kept everything “wet.”


One building was fully functional mid-morning…and  problems were handled.


The road from the school buildings to the cafeteria is not a traveled road during the day which allowed safety of children crossing the road.


So, yes, no, maybe, sometimes…but water should be fully flowing by Wednesday.


A special thanks to the maintenance men and teachers who did a great job during a difficult situation.


At no time were the children at risk for unclean water or unsafe conditions.


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