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Noah1Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for the people of District 90 for entrusting me with this office. Beginning in April, I began knocking on doors six evenings a week. I traveled more than 10,500 miles campaigning and knocked on more than 3,000 doors. Thousands of you welcomed me into your homes and businesses, onto your front porches, and even into your chicken houses and cattle fields. Some had prayer with me before I left and many offered me a meal. I knew it before, but can now testify more fully that what makes this place most special is not its landscape or its history, but its people, who I know are among the best in the world.

Please remember me in your prayers as I endeavor to represent you in Jackson for the next four years. I hope to hear from you on issues with which you are most concerned. I will write and publish a regular report during the legislative session to keep you abreast of current issues.

May God continue to bless the people of Simpson, Jefferson Davis, and Covington Counties.

Noah Sanford

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