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Where did that Sunday night storm come from?  I had no idea we were going to be just about blown away!  I had gotten an alert on my phone that we would have showers…but no way was I prepared for the unleashing of the rain and wind!

When you live in the South, one never knows what to expect with the weather.  Following an extremely hot and humid day, the Lord decided to bless us with much needed rain.  I just wasn’t prepared for the wind!

Early Monday morning, I decided to venture onto my porch and check out the damage from the Sunday night storm.  My plants were tossed all over the porch.  Pots turned over…dirt everywhere!  When I checked the back yard, the clutter was even worse.  My big umbrella had been lifted out of its stand!  A hugh pot containing a large heavy palm was on its side.  I can’t even begin to straighten that pot.  Leaves were everywhere along with limbs.

Rail Road Drive , kind of near my house, had a tree blocking the road.  I happened to get a picture of our new City limb truck cleaning the area.

How did the storm treat you?  I hope everyone is ok!  The humidity is lower…but we’ve still got the heat.  We will all be hot and sweaty picking up all the debris!

Stay safe!!!


City crew removing tree from street on Rail Road Drive
City of Magee
Our new truck is awesome! I do believe this street needs sweeping! is an online website covering Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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