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Just a few things I learned today!

An 18 wheeler was unloading at the liquor store located next to Urgent Care (ha) (near the old Western Sizzling)….so apparently we are going to have a liquor store sometimes soon!

Someone reminded me that the power ball lottery starts Thursday 1/30/2020.  (We’ve got our vices don’t we???)

Marilyn Wells has been employed at the First Baptist Church of Magee Daycare for 25 years and still has her sanity!!! The Daycare is hosting a lunch for her on Friday.  The staff at FBC has requested that anyone who has a story to share or a “shout-out,” please post on the Daycare page.  I will be interviewing Marilyn Wednesday!

Blinded by the light!  Anyone crossing over the RR tracks near my home may be blinded by the white paint on my house!  Due to the expense of painting, I have my house painted in sections.  Finally, the front of the house made the cut!  Ahhh, I am loving this white stuff on my house!

OK, now today, I called AT&T for my friend Chuck concerning the continued excelling of his land line phone bill.  Guess what the At&T man told me…there will be no more land lines by the end of 2020.  Now, do ya’ll believe him?  I’m just saying, that is what he said!  Everything will be wireless!  I asked him how people who live in the sticks like Chuck who can’t get a wireless connection will have a phone.  AT&T guy stated that everyone will have fiber-optic (I surely don’t believe this)…and if you didn’t have fiber optic, there are be wireless “caps” placed on power poles that  would connect to the internet.  I think this man doesn’t know about the life in rural Mississippi.  He told me they were not selling anymore land lines…so it really didn’t matter how high the bill gets!  Oh mercy, I can’t wait to see the outcome of this!

While filming some interviews at the Court House Tuesday, I saw a “mail box” that is a receptacle for worn flags!  I am thrilled.  I always had a difficult time when I had a worn flag as to what to do with it.  If I had to guess, I bet Rhuel Dickerson has something to do with this and his awesome Boy Scouts!  Thank you!  This is wonderful.

Ribbon cutting on Wednesday at Magnolia Smiles (located near DQ…old Jack Magee office) and Davidson Marble and Granite on Thursday.  Both ribbon cuttings are at 11.  Davison is located up highway 49 on the south bound lane near funeral home).

I’m selling some furnishings on my Facebook page.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


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