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Simpson County School District moves up a letter grade to C

Superintendent Greg Paes announced the new Accountability Rankings for the Simpson County School District and the schools as approved by the MS State Board of Education for the 2014-2015 school year. The District moved from a level D ranking in 2013-14 to the level C ranking for the 2014-15 school year. Mr. Paes noted this was the year of the PARCC assessments on the more stringent Common Core State Standards and reflects the hard work and dedication of the teachers who implemented new curriculum measures that mirrored the more difficult concepts of the Common Core Standards.

School rankings were also announced with the following results:

Magee Elementary earned a level C ranking, improving two letter grades from the previous year.

Magee Middle School maintained their level D ranking.

Magee High School earned a level C ranking, missing a level B by less than 3% of the points needed.

Mendenhall Elementary showed the most improvement in the District, earning a level B ranking, the highest ranking that school has been awarded in the era of the new accountability standards.

Mendenhall Junior High earned a level C ranking. The Junior High had a C ranking the previous year using the waiver but earned the level C outright based on student test scores for 2014-15.

Mendenhall High School maintained their level D ranking.

Simpson Central earned a level B ranking but will retain their A ranking under the waiver process.

Simpson County School District earned an overall level C ranking, improving a full letter grade from the previous year.

Deputy Superintendent Debbie Davis commented that the strongest performance areas for the district were in overall reading growth among all students and the top score was in reading growth for the lowest performing students. She also recognized the work of the teachers in making the dramatic improvements at both Magee and Mendenhall Elementary Schools.

These rankings are for the 2014-2015 school year and were delayed in being released due to issues with scoring the PARCC assessments and the alternative assessments for special education students. District Test Coordinator and Associate Superintendent Dr. Tom Duncan noted the 2015-2016 accountability results are scheduled to be released by the State Board of Education in August of 2016 based on the new Mississippi Assessment Program (MAP).

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