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RobbieRobbie Barnes addressed the the Superintendent and members of the Simpson County School Board on Tuesday, May 26, at the regular school board meeting with a recommendation of forming a Simpson County School Advisory Committee.  Robbie Barnes requested, in representing the committee, Boardthat the Elected School Officials work with the Mississippi School Boards Association to formalize the establishment of a voluntary advisory committee.  According to Dr. Michael W. Waldrop, Executive Director of the Mississippi Schools Board Association, this arrangement has been used in other public school districts throughout the state very successfully.


The following information provides details as to what the committee is and the goals it wishes to accomplish:



Our Mission is to provide ongoing skill specific advisory resources to the Elected School Officials to support them in making informed decisions and to provide assistance in the development and implementation of both immediate and and long range strategic plans to improve the overall educational system in Simpson County.



To make Simpson County a place where families and businesses want to locate to educate their children by creating an environment where students, faculty and administrators are working in unison to provide the highest quality education possible for our community.



By establishing a voluntary advisory committee made up of people who live or work in Simpson County and who have specific skills that could serve as a resource to the Elected School Officials, on an as needed basis.  Examples would include: goal setting, planing, public relations, marketing, financial administration, organizational development, human resources, health & safety, site selection, construction administration and other projects specific skills that may be required on an as needed basis.



We would request that the Elected School Officials work with our committee and the Mississippi School Boards Association to formalize the relationship of an advisory committee and establish membership guidelines.  It would be our desire to work with the Elected School Officials on an as needed basis to provide expertise in matters where the board deems appropriate or necessary.  It is not our desire to be a substitute for the Elected School Officials or to attempt to direct their decisions on specific matters.  We would serve only in an advisory capacity to provide the Elected School Officials with the necessary expertise, facts and recommendations to enable them to make informed decisions.


The Board unanimously approved to formalize the establishment of the Simpson County School Advisory Committee.




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