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For 30 years, David Dunn has been apart of all sports in the City of Magee.  Under his leadership and direction, Magee has become known as the home of one of the premier sport complexes in the State of Mississippi.

David has led Magee sports from dirt fields with a little grass to state of the art turf fields.

Our Sportsplex houses baseball, softball, soccer, and football fields plus a pavilion complete with play ground equipment and a splash pad.

I could go on and on about what David Dunn has brought to Magee—Fields of dreams for many young people.

The fields are important…but more than sports…David has brought a love of young people…a desire for everyone to have a place to play ball.  He always set his sites high and reached them.

The knowledge in his head is almost scary!  Just think of the baseball & softball plays that roll around in his brain!

Of course, what is David Dunn without Michael Dunn?! David has assured me he and Michael  will still be at the Sportsplex…as he said “where else would we go?”  

Jimmy, David, Daniel

After March 31, 2022, David will no longer be in a leadership complicity with the baseball program.  He is leaving that to Jimmy Zilla and Daniel Decker. (And whoever comes next!).  David will remain with the city until the end of June as the Zoning Commissioner.

David Dunn and I have “played” baseball together for many many years.  Dickey, Larkin, and Breck grew up under the leadership of David.  His son Christopher has been our “team mate” always! Magee teams have brought home tons of trophies…and even more memories.

Mrs. Louise Windham and Donna Dunn

Part of me is sad.  What is Magee baseball without David Dunn?  David has paved the way for many years of sports in Magee.  He has laid a foundation that will stand the test of time.

Part of me is happy.  David, Donna, and Michael can travel the world following their grandchildren.  

In my heart I know, David will never leave Magee sports.  I imagine we will always have the ghost of David Dunn watching every pitch! is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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