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Six o’clock comes early…especially when one is getting ready to run a 5K! Saturday morning, August 29th, was the 9th annual Health Trust Scrub Run held at the Magee Sportsplex.

This year’s run was quite different than past runs…the runners were covered in colors as they pasted certain checkpoints. Dr. Charles Pruitt and Dr. Ruddy Runnels enjoyed “slinging” the color more than anyone!

Runners wore white t-shirts that were anything but white when the run ended. Everything from the runners t-shirts, to faces, to shoes, to their bodies was covered in rainbow colors.

The event was enjoyed by the runners and by standers!

Thanks to the runners and workers! As with anything, a lot of folks were needed to “pull off” the Health Trust main fundraiser of the year.

Enjoy the pictures… the participants sure enjoyed the day!

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5K Run Winners listed below:run winners






















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