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I have received the first positive report concerning Brenda Berry.  “Brenda is awake and has spoken.  She has answered yes and no questions appropriately!  Praise God and thank you for the prayers.  He has heard them.”

Continue to pray for this family.


From Brooke:

Just left 6:00 visitation. We feel the prayers! Mom opened her eyes when we said her name. Nurse said she had eaten ice. She is still rough, but for the first time we left visitation feeling positive. They have put her feeding tube in and about to feed her. We are praying that antibiotics have started working and we will see even bigger improvement at 10. Thanks so much for your prayers



Below is a copy of the post from Brenda’s daughter, Brooke.  I had a message from Tawesia and again she said very critical next 24 hours will tell a lot.

The next 24 hours are critical. Most patients that have this diagnosis die within three days. If she makes it through tomorrow, we have a small glimmer of hope. Pray hard, pray hard.




Wednesday AM UPdate:

Brenda Berry


I have just talked with Tawesia.  Ya’ll, things are just not good.  Brenda is not responding to medication nor anyone.  Please continue to pray.  Most of you know that she was moved to ICU at Forrest General.  The family is very pleased with the move…better acute care facility.



Tuesday PM Update:

I just talked with Tawesia and Brenda is being moved to Forrest General for more advanced care.  There is no change.  Tawesia said double the prayers.


Tuesday AM Update



I received this information from Tawesia this morning.


“Blood culture came back and showed strep in her blood which means she is septic and that probably lead to bacterial meningitis.”



  • I have just received a text from Tawesia.  Brenda continues to be a lot of pain.  She is being given a variety of meds.  Tawesia feels better since she has seen Brenda, but Brenda continues to moan…not alert but did respond when Tawesia ask if her head hurt …she shook her head yes.  Tawesia again asked for continued prayers.  I will post when I hear from Tawesia.




Brenda Brooks Berry, sister of Tawesia Meador, is very ill.  Brenda is in ICU at Wesley following a bout with the “grud.“  She just couldn’t get to feeling any better,” stated Tawesia.  She is unresponsive at this time.


Brenda is married to Billy Berry and both are former Magee High School graduates.  They presently live in the Hattiesburg area.


Tommy and Tawesia are on their way to the hospital now (3:50 PM Monday).


The family is requesting prayers…so prayer warriors, you are needed.


I will update when I hear from Tawesia.


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  1. I’ll Pray for Brenda, and Yeshua will show He’s Faithful to us who Believe in Him Healing her because Jehovah-Rapha is her Healer and Physician, Prayers for my sister Brenda that God will Heal her, my nephew won’t let me see her and it’s been almost 3 months because of nursing home got upset cause I called them out on not doing their job, and Troy is afraid they tell him to find another nursing home and he doesn’t want to bother doing so or if no other facilities open to take her he’ll have to take her home! PRAYERS for her Healing Please I have no money to take her out he’ll the legal guardian and I wanted to fight it but siblings was afraid he banned all of us, I was just going to Court to see what was said before he became poa and guardianship. Now it’s to late. Prayers God work on my behalf my sister cries all the time that goes and sees her because the staff is doing to her what they did to me. please Pray 😭 God Heal her or open doors that my nephew can’t close my name is Cathy put me and her on Prayers list and I hope everyone reads this and Pray for her and I. They won’t even let her go to bathroom 🤣 tells her to go in her pants because they’re to lazy to take her to bathroom. Please pray and asked God to show I’m being honest. I text my nephew and he won’t reply to my texts. Please pray 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Yeshua Hamashiach ❤️ please answer me and Heal her. In Jesus Mighty Powerful Name Amen YESHUA-ELYON MOST HIGH TOWER! Jehovah Nissi My Banner Jehovah-tsidkenu My Righteousness Jehovah-shammah The Lord is there with us! Jehovah Shalom Her Peace and my Peace, Jehovah-jireh Her Providers and my Provider, Jehovah-Elyon Jehovah-Rophe her HEALER AND PHYSICIAN, JEHOVAH-ELYON.. HEAR ME AND SEE HER NOT BEING TAKEN CARE OF AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I’m getting angry FATHER 🤣 and you’re supposed to give Mercy and Grace to others but what about Brenda and her hurt and pain! Lord he won’t even allow her to get up they stop her don’t let her give up! I’m TRUSTING YOU! Adonai, Shabbat Shalom Her Peace.. I Thank You Yeshua,

  2. Prayers for Brenda Healing for Her In Jesus Name Amen Thank everyone who Pray for her! I only want Prayers for Brenda Please Pray 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 for her Healing and God give to Troy what he deserves..


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