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With the votes counted, only two precincts in Simpson County voted against legalized liquor:  Merit and Dry Creek.

The Referendum solidly passed with 5,162 for (61.17%) and 3,277 (38.83%) against.  Although these are unofficial totals, the out come of the referendum will not change.

Here is a break down of how each box in the county voted:

Pinola—for 131 (55.51%)—Against—105 (44.49%)

New Hope—for 103 (56.28%)—Against—80 (48.72%)

Old Pearl—for 157 (68.86%)—Against—71 (31.14%)

Mendenhall-3—for 338 (54.43%)—Against—283 (45.57%)

Sumrall—for 172 (57.14%)—Against—129 (42.86%)

Weathersby—for 361 (75.68%)—Against—116 (24.32%)

Braxton—for 292 (58.40%)—Against—208 (41.60%)

Merit—for 216 (48.21%)—Against—232 (51.79%)

Harrisville—for 284 (61.31%)—Against—170 (38.66%)

Oak Grove—for 243 (55.73%)—Against—193 (44.27%)

Bridgeport—for 153 (69.55%)—Against—67 (30.45%)

Saratoga—for 142(69.95%)—Against—61 (30.05%)

D’Lo—for 152 (66.09%)—Against—78 (33.91%)

Fork Church—for 164 (68.05%)—Against—77 (31.95%)

Bowie—for 115 (54.25%)—Against—97 (45.75%)

Shivers—for 126 (53.25%)—Against 110 (46.61%)

Jupiter—for 288 (79.78%)—Against—73 (20.22%)

Magee 1—for 291 (80.39%)—Against—71 (19.61%)

Magee 2—for 451 (58.57%)—Against—319 (41.43%)

Magee 4 South—for 352 (56.96%)—Against—266 (43.04%)

Dry Creek—for 215 (47.99%)—Against—233 (52.01%)

Magee 4 North—for 218 (59.08%)—Against—151 (40.92%)

Many decisions are to be made concerning the actual selling of liquor.  Liquor will only be sold in the 4 municipalities in our county:  Magee, Mendenhall, Braxton, and D’Lo.    These municipalities will make the decisions on how and where the liquor is sold.  The municipalities, Board of Supervisors, and ABC will work jointly to enact the process.



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