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Joy and I took a ride on “part” of the 35 mile Yard Sale on Highway 28 East of Magee Friday morning.

yard mizeagain Mize

We began looking for “stuff” as soon as we rolled out of Magee…didn’t happen…you’ve got to go at least to the Church Alive area…saw a couple of yard sales…big sale at Angela’s plus several vendors displaying their items near her shop. As we continued toward Mize, there were yard sales scattered here and there…located below “Just Piddlin” is a great sale …the yard is on the left and has numerous vendors “set up” in their yard…there is food…antiques…plants…clothes…etc at this stop…we continued through Mize to the Coral and found several vendors there.


IMG_8825 IMG_8824 IMG_8822

We did not make the full trip but “I heard” there was lots in Taylorsville and some things toward Laurel.

I am not a yard sale person…usually due to time…but if you like looking and going through stuff, the trail is the place for you.


IMG_8820 IMG_8819 IMG_8818I was a little disappointed when there were no “immediate” vendors upon entering 28, but I understand there may be more on Saturday.
I spoke with Angela Maddox and Terri Rayner (the planners) and both ladies explained they were giving this a try with the intention of doing this again. “We’ve learned a lot,” said Angela, “we want to really organize the event next time and get more out of town vendors to set up in the area.”

IMG_8814 IMG_8812 IMG_8810Ya’ll, I’m just saying, we received over 10,000 views on the 35 Mile Yard Sale the first day the article was posted! We have had people call us all the way from New Orleans wanting details. I believe Angela and Terri have hit upon a great idea. I would like to see their idea expanded with maybe the chamber involved and let the “trail” began in downtown Magee. (just a thought).


IMG_8803 IMG_8802 IMG_8801

Today is beautiful…and should be tomorrow…so take a ride…be thinking of things you would like to see on the trail next time and send your suggestions to me ( and I’ll pass ‘em along to the folks in charge.

Remember this is a first…there is room for improvement…and these girls want to make it an event no one will forget.

See you on 28


IMG_8786 clothesinmize BesideAngela Angelas


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