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Welcome to Magee Wine and Liquor

By Andy Knef

When Sydney Rankins was growing up with her grandparents in Mendenhall, she dreamed about owning her own brick and mortar business and helping young people get a step up to success. The first part of her dream came true March 6 when the 2007 Mendenhall Tiger graduate opened Magee Wine and Liquor on Highway 49 in the new shopping center just North of Dirt Cheap. “A year from now I hope this store is very successful and that allows me the resources to give back to the community,” Sydney says. “With Magee new to liquor sales, this felt like the perfect time to open my business.”

Her experience owning rental properties in Magee and Jackson taught Sydney that success is measured in the satisfaction of a happy customer. Treating customers right is the motto she and her staff at Magee Wine and Liquor live by. “My strong belief is that the customer always comes first,” she says with a smile. “If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be here. We’ve only been open a short time so we’re just getting to know our clientele and their preferences. My first priority is to talk to people who come in and make sure the items on my shelves reflect the choices of the folks we serve at Magee Wine and Liquor.” Sydney was expecting a new order of products from Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) even as she talked to this reporter.

While she honors her customers’ preferences, Sydney isn’t shy about making an educated recommendation on a new store item. “We try to introduce customers to something we feel they may like based on the information we get from them,” she explains. “It’s really thrilling when a customer tries a product we recommend and they come back and say ‘That wine you told me about was really great!’”

After only a few days up and running, Sydney adds, “So far, things have been going great.” She enjoys helping people figure out what they’re looking for and introducing them to new products. “We’ve already developed five or six regular customers and a couple of them have put in special orders for wine,” she says. “We try to help them not get stuck thinking they only like this. We’ll point to something similar that might be even a better value. For example, I’ve been telling customers about our Carlo Rossi Moscato and Moscato Sangria varieties, and they’ve become very popular. Right now, I’m making a list of all my customer requests.”

Store hours at Magee Wine and Liquor 10 a.m.-10 p.m., Monday-Saturday. Sydney says the company of her friendly co-workers helps the long hours go by faster. So stop by one of the newest businesses in town and let Sydney Rankins expertly cater to your needs. One day, the hard-driving entrepreneur hopes to use her success to sponsor workshops for young people preparing to enter college. First things first. Today, she’s ready with a smile and customer-first attitude to assist you with your wine and liquor selections.

For more information, call Sydney at 601-382-2781.


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