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Additional bridge closings:  Van Zant Road, Jake Barnes Road, Macedonia Road bringing the total to 8 bridges closed in the county.


In Simpson County, the bridge inspector has now closed the bridge on Jupiter Road near Big Woods Road. This is the 5th bridge to be closed this week.


Tommy Berry Road bridge will be closed bringing the total to 4 bridge closures in Simpson County. Saratoga Sharon Road, New Hope Road, Graveyard Road, and Tom Berry Road are affected by the closures.

MDOT contracted bridge inspectors will be inspecting into next week. Additional bridges may be closed in the county. These bridges will be closed for an indefinite period of time.


Again, the closures are not the fault of our county supervisors. The decision is a state decision not county.

Inadequate funding by the state to allow for bridge repairs is one of  the problems. Contact your Senators and Representatives.


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