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Growing up in Magee, I knew a lot of people.  Growing up in a business, I knew even more people!  I have known Mike Mathis since he moved to Magee.  Although he was older than me, Mike was almost bigger than life.

Radio was fascinating to me!  I thought Mike and his family were so cool .  Little did I know, the Mathis family would have  a huge impact on the development of Magee.  People from all over the USA tuned in to WSJC.  Magee was on the map!

When Mike sold the station…retirement was not in his vocabulary!

Zan Hudson and I were working together at the Magee Post Office.  Every day, Mike would visit the post office to mail something to somebody a million miles away!  Zan and I quickly mastered international mail prices.  We were fascinated by what he was buying and selling on Ebay.  At that point in time, we really didn’t know or understand Ebay.  As usual, Mike was ahead of his time.

Mike loved Magee.  He was very active in all aspects of our city.

Mike died this week.  With his death, goes a master of story telling.  My heart is sad as my long time friends pass from this world.  I interviewed Mike this summer.  Several of his WSJB buddies were present.  We had fun talking about the “old” days.  The group even sang a few jingles.

Mike will be missed by his family, his friends, his church, his city, and the radio industry.  Mike was bigger than life…I am glad he was my friend.

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