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Update:  I talked with a city official concerning the problems at Mrs. Walker’s home.  The home is below the street bed.  A culvert will not solve the problem.  The fix is extremely costly and cannot be done at this time.  


Thursday, Patrice and I decided to go “out and about.”  I needed to check on the Marvin Jackson Park and poor Dot who is almost dead from Christmas decorations!

I saw my friend Mary Lois siting with her mother on the porch in the Goodwater Community.  I just asked how everything was and if they needed anything.

Mary Lois started telling me about a culvert needed at her home.

We agreed to go check out the problem.  (See video)

I know we can’t always get everything people want.  If we did, we would have all our streets repaved!

Mary Lois keeps her home and the yard clean and neat.  She has a problem with water running into her yard from the road and pooling near her trailer which is causing the skirting to rust.

I think it is so important to listen to people.  When I made the decision to run for Alderman, part of my platform was listen to our citizens.  If you have a problem, contact me.  I may can’t get everything or anything taken care of but …I will try to make things better.

Magee is a wonderful place to live.  We need to help one another.

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