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Tuesday, March 8th is the primary election …and we need to vote! We will vote by “party” (Democrat or Republican )…many people feel voting in this election is a waste of time. Personally, I don’t think voting is ever a waste. Please remind anyone you see to vote Tuesday, March 8th.

I have no idea what is blooming that has my nose sneezing …but it’s killing me! I do love the spring weather and the beautiful flowers…but something doesn’t like me! My eye balls are “itching out”…my ears are itching…my throat is itching…just a normal wonderful spring in Mississippi.

Ok, I need a little help! I have been told that there are cats in the top of one of my rental houses…now really…I have dealt with squirrels but cats! I will get the hole in the screen taken care of (where are you Brandon when I need you!!!)…but what is going to happen if that hole gets repaired and cats still in top of house…sounds like some stinky business to me. Should I try to get someone to check out the attic…I’m sure they would fall through ceiling …I hate to be cruel…and I don’t imagine things would smell so good! The only thing I can figure is to repair the hole at high noon when it is the hottest in the attic and hope cats are roaming the neighborhood looking for food. Well, I guess a positive is …that house should not have rats!

Enjoy your Monday…


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