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My heart is sad.  I have another long time friend who has gone to be with Jesus.  I am sure Julia was happy to see her husband, son, and other family members…the problem is…we are not always happy to see her go.

Julia Styron always had a smile.  Sometimes I would wonder what she could be smiling about!  Julia processed a love for life.  Many heart aches were apart of her life, but she always picked up and went forth with a smile.  

We all know a smile can hide a lot of things.  If we are smiling, people assume our life is perfect.  I have decided smiling is better than frowning!  That Julia could do some smiling!

For years, Julia worked as the school nurse.  She loved loved those students.  She wanted the best for each child.

Julia loved her family—the entire family.  She and her precious sister Barbara Magee supported one another emotionally through many hardships.  My heart hurts for Mrs. Barbara.  I know she is sad.  Julia had wonderful children who adored their mama.  When her son Al died, I think that was probably the lowest time in her life.  But she went forward.

Not only did Julia smile, she made faces!  Now, I don’t mean ugly faces but she “spoke” with her face!  Julia was a prissy thing!  I loved that about her!

I am thankful for ladies like Julia who came before us in our church and schools showing us the right paths to follow.  

I bet Julia made some kind of face when she got to heaven.  It is so nice to know there is no doubt where Julia is.

Julia Styron’s obituary is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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