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Just saying!

No decisions have been made on the building of the Magee Elementary. Until the traffic studies are received…plus a million other things…we’re stuck in the waiting game.

Sometimes, the waiting game is not all bad. The school year 2014-15 has been a tough one for our schools…not just coaches, but teachers, students, parents, and the citizens of Simpson County. Taking a breath and regrouping might be just what the “doctor” ordered. Many citizens of our county have come forward to offer support and expertise in their fields….teachers are leaving and the numbers are shrinking at Magee schools…the real problem doesn’t seem to be a building…let’s discover the real problem and begin to heal. No, it is not right for our children to be in deplorable buildings…but it is not right for these children to not have the best leadership possible. We have great teachers…we have good students…let’s come together for our children…not a building


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