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Gun shots again Sunday night, December 12, 2021, around Magee!  According to Social Media (Simpson County Community) multiple gunshots were heard near Highway 541 and Raleigh Road plus near Magee Apartments.

According to Magee Police Chief Chris Jones, “there are just not enough of us.”  The chief’s views are correct but another major problem is “I ain’t seen nothing.”  The public is not assisting the police (which means us the citizens) and reporting what is seen.  “We need the people (citizens) to be our eyes…we can’t be everywhere,” emphasized Jones.

Magee is not a “little Jackson” as some have suggested.  Every city has increased crime rate.  Magee is not the only city battling this problem.  But, if you are like me, I don’t wont to see this in my town!

The police must have evidence to pursue a compliant.  If nothing is said or told, they have NO evidence which means no one can be held accountable.

The majority of the gunshots are into cars…but what will we do when some child is hit by a stray bullet.  

Sometimes, we all wont to blame the police.  In this situation, we need to also blame ourselves.  We as citizens of Magee must keep our eyes and ears open to the happenings on the street.

“Any complaint  made by a citizen can be done anonymously,” said Chief Jones.  “I can’t explain how much we need our citizens to help,” continued the Chief.

I often think people are afraid of retaliation.  I can understand that thinking.  But when that loved one, old or young, is killed retaliation wont really matter.

Step up and stand tall citizens of Magee.  You are needed to help us get a handle on crime in our city.

  Help our city…don’t be a “I ain’t seen nothing” type of person. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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