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Please support the 2021 Mize Bulldog Baseball program by donating to our page! This will be our last fundraising effort and we hope for this effort to cover all costs associated with the season ranging from materials, clothing, signage, equipment, etc. Though you’ve seen this particular fundraiser from us before, this year we’ve really spiced it up with some extra incentives; it’s no longer just a donation!


Mize HS 2020 Baseball Fundraiser Sponsored by Mize Diamond Club


The Mize High School Baseball Team needs money!  Sports are a great way to keep students interested in school as well as developing working with others.

Any amount will be appreciated.

Click on the link above to make an online donation.

Thanks to Coach Matt Maddox and the Diamond Club for their support and work with the team. “Making a difference in these boys lives!!! is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.




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