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Harvesting our Garden

 This is the time of year that all farmers, gardeners, or anyone with a small plot of land start harvesting fresh vegetables. We start gathering the fruit of our efforts, anticipating that first fresh tomato sandwich and sharing the excess with friends. We have plowed, planted, fertilized and watered in anticipation of a bountiful harvest.

To grow the best vegetables, we work and prepare the ground by plowing, planting, and weeding to give the seeds the best chance of producing fruit. We invest money in quality seeds, fertilizer, tools, and our time to get the crop in the ground or there is no chance of a harvest if nothing is planted.

Our lives are very similar to our gardens. When we invest in the good things in life, we produce good things. Education produces a better job and that produces a better standard of living. If we teach our children about love, respect, right, wrong and acceptable behavior, we expect to them to become well-adjusted, productive citizens. If we invest in our spiritual lives the time and effort that we spend on our careers, we gain joy and satisfaction that the world cannot comprehend.   If we spend our time and efforts on worldly things, on the foolish and shallow things of this world, why are we shocked when we harvest the foolish, harmful things of the world?

Brinda Blair

Magee, MS




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