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We have people who think GOD and heaven are fantasies.  Giving your life to GOD by being born again and making heaven your home forever is real!  A fantasy is something that is not real!  We are going to spend eternity in a place call heaven or a place call hell.  There is no in between.
Listen as GOD speaks to you in a still small voice.  Our reading today comes from Luke 17:19.  And he said unto him arise go thy way thy faith hath made thee whole.  Jesus tell us to go thy way and let the son shine into a lost and dying world.  Following Jesus will be worth it all!
Living in the world is only for a little while.  Living for GOD is the real thing.  Father help us to take up our life and stay real to you in your name above all others we pray.
Have a great week.
Rev. Richard Kight
Magee, MS



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