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The Downtown Magee Homeowners District continues to plea their case before the Zoning Board and Board of Aldermen.

Picture from earlier Homeowners meeting

The committee is composed of homeowners interested in protecting their property by not allowing certain type business in residential areas.

Renee Craft spoke at the first meeting before the Board of Aldermen August 17, 2022.  The Board explained their plea would be addressed by the Zoning Board.  Darnell Moffett is the Zoning Board Commissioner.

The house in question is located on 5th Street SW owned by Stephen Tullos.  According to different sources, Tullos has leased or rented or sold the property to New Life Church as a  house for men who have completed the drug free program through New Life.  At this time, two men are living in the house.  The men are picked up each morning and taken to work and returned each afternoon.  The residents are drug tested weekly.

Brent Walker has been very vocal in allowing the house to operate in a R1 zone.

Approximately 50 people are members of the Downtown Homeowners District.

Susan Walker spoke at the Tuesday, September 20, 2022 Board of Aldermen meeting pointing out areas of the zoning law which, in her opinion, proves the operation cannot take place in an R1 area.  

Susan Walker

Mr. Moffett and the zoning board are studying the laws.

From all account, the group will again appear before the zoning committee and the Board of Aldermen. is an online news source serving Simpson and surrounding counties as well as the State of Mississippi.


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