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The August 16, 2022 City of Magee Board of Aldermen meeting opened with a packed house.

The 15 Year Old City of Magee baseball team represented Mississippi in the World’s Series.  The team placed 3rd Over-all!!! These guys made quite an impression at the tournament not only on the field but their conduct at the series.  Thanks for making us proud!

A group of approximately 20-30 homeowners appeared before the board requesting development of a drug and rehab center be halted.  The half way house is located in a single family home housing 6-8 people. The house is located on 5th Street SW.  Renee O’Cain Craft served as spokes person for the group.  Sherrie McCall, Beth Moore, and Brent Walker enforced what Craft explained.  

After much discussion, the Mayor advised the group to meet before the zoning board.  Darnell Moffett, Zoning Commissioner, informed the group he would research all zoning laws and speak with David Wade of the Central Planning District.

  All board members agreed the situation needs addressing but must be done through zoning laws.

Anna Rushing appeared before the board concerning a problem with the police involving her son, David Rushing, who was stopped at 3:30 AM by the Magee Police Department.  Rushing had an expired tag on the trailer and one tale light out.  David questioned the manner in which the two policemen conducted themselves in front of his son.  David and his son were on a fishing trip.  Anna Rushing and David Rushing tried several times to contact Police Chief Shane Little concerning the matter.  Anna was informed the officers had body cameras, but later the Chief stated neither office had cameras.  The Mayor requested Chief Little and the Rushings meet for further discussion.

No tax increase for the City of Magee!

Splash pad is “down” for approximately 2 weeks due to a broken part.

Did you know a building permit is needed for any type construction (public or private)?  Well, it is!  If you are doing any work on your home, visit City Hall to obtain your permit.

The City of Magee Board of Aldermen will meet Wednesday night at 5:30 for a work shop meeting.

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